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The main activity of the Saumur tank museum  Russian friends are concerning about the development the Russian (Soviet) section, including the WW2 and Cold War soviet tank crew uniform, militaria and insignias.

Our goal: to provide for Saumur tank museum (Soviet exhibits)  the authentic uniforms and to create the tank/ Assault Guns/ Artillery/ Infantry/ paratroopers exhibition dedicated to WW2 and Cold War.

We provide also the information about the Red Army (1918-1946), Soviet Army (1946-1991) and Russian Army (since 1992) uniforms and insignias, mostly of AV troops

Some helpful information about Russian tank uniform (Saumur museum and Russian friends collection):

Russian (soviet) WW2 and Cold War tank & AV caps:

The contemporary world. Modern Russian Army uniform

With the same name there are the Hall in Saumur tank museum, the modern AV exhibition. As the requests of our western friends we start the section, dedicated to the Russian army since 1991 till now. Uniforms and insignias of the military units relative with AV: tanks, MBP, BMD, Assault guns and armored cars. The structure will be based on the famous events and the famous units, such as:

  • Kubinka tank museum, shooting range and tank regiment
  • HQ of the Armored Forces (GABTU) and the Landing Forces
  • 4th Kantemirovskaya tank division (WW2 founded)
  • 2nd Tamanskaya Guard motorized division  (WW2 famous)
  • 45 paratrooper regiment/ brigade VDV (special forces)
  • ODON separate motorized division (ex. NKVD, since 2016- National Guard)

Those military units located in Moscow region are top famous and do include tanks, Assault Guns, BMP, BMD and BTR. We are concerning mostly about «every-day» and field uniforms / insignias. In the post USSR era in Russian Federation the uniform was changed many times in 1994, 1999, 2005, 2010 and event in 2017. We will try to display all the main examples from Saumur Russian friends collection.

Russian Federation Army insignias 1991-2017