Red army helmet M1927

M1927 winter helmet

The first model of the «Red army winter cap» established at January 1919 based on the design of the old Russian fighter (XV-XVII centuries named «bogatyr»). As the legend, The designer Vasnetsov prepared this uniform for 1812-1912 Borodino battle, next to 1613-1913 Romanoff celebration, and finally for WW1 Victory parade in Berlin in 1917-1918… But with the Red star insignia first usage was in 1919 as the first Red army uniform, the enemy of ex. Russian Imperial Army and allies — US/ UK expeditionary corps during the Russian Civil war.
The first name «bogatyrka» was changed to «Budenovka» as well as the first 4000 caps made in 1919 for the Red Cavalry Army under the command of Budenny (since 1935 Marshal rank, one of 4 survived after Stalin Big terror 1917)
In 1922, 1926 and finally 1927 the pin was reduced and the «Budenovka» was used till 1942 (despite in 1940 after Soviet-Finland «Winter» war this :winter» cap was canceled)
M1927 withe the metal insignia (red army enameled star) surrounded by the star with the branch of service color wood made.
That cap has the black color for tank crew, artillery and engineering. Note that the tank crew cap has the gray/ dark gray hue (tone), as the tank tradition fashion.
That cap made in 20XX at the original factory (Zaporozhye) machine from the WW2 original wood.
The gift for Saumur tank museum from Russian friends.
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