WW2 Red army uniform, infantry

World War Two Russian Army (correct name Red Army, since 1946= Soviet Army) infantry uniform description based on the Saumur tank museum (France) collection. Prepared by Mikhail Blinov, the military expert.

1. Infantry (Rifle or tank descent ) summer time field uniform M1943

Gymnasterka (= gymnastic shirt, traditional Russian military dress since 1877/1912 till 1969) with the shoulder boards, M1943, used till 1946 and later till 1969 (with pockets M1944)

Color. Olive color. The main color of the gymnasterka, “protection” color, people named not correct is “green”. Soldier model M1943 is without slotted pockets (since 1944)

The cloth material. This made from the cotton (soldiers and sergeants), for summer and winter time

Shoulder boards M1943 (used till 1954) Private, branch of service — infantry. Olive («protection») wool with the crimson wool piping. Field («protection») medium size buttons.

Field Pilot cap («pilotka») M1935 with the green («protection») metal medium size star. Can be used with the steel helmet.

WW2 , Lend-Lease made in UK/USA for USSR, for private/ sergeant rank

Period, the battles.
1943 The tank battle for Prokhorovka (Kursk-Orel)
1945 The battle for Berlin
1945- till end of 40-x Soviet occupation in Europe

1 a. Infantry (Rifle) spring/ autumn time field uniform M1943

The same as above uniform but with the winter cap M1940 for soldier/ sergeant

Period, the battles.
1943 autumn (November) Battle for Kiev (Ukrain)
1944 European battles
1945 The battle for Berlin

to be continued…